Monday, 12 June 2017

100 Beautiful Kids Status for Whatsapp Facebook Quotes

100 Beautiful Kids Status for Whatsapp Facebook Quotes

This Time We Come Up With The Cutest Status for Kids. Our childhood was really amazing and we all want to live the childhood life again <3 Short WhatsAppp Status Quotes and Facebook status with you about Kids Status in English, Childhood Status, Children Status, Whatsapp Status for Baby Boy, Charlize Theron Kids, Funny Kids Status...

I Hope You Liked Our Collection of Kids Status Quotes You Will Also Get Awesome Images, Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers. Which You Can Use As Your Whatsapp Profile DP or Facebook Cover :)

We Have Included All Type of Short Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, SMS for You At One Place. As We Wanted To Create The Ultimate Collection of Childhood Status Quotes

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1. A child has a special day of adding joy to every day!

2. My children are a blessing and they make my life worth living!

3. I love asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up... cause, you know... I'm still looking for ideas.

4. Why do we lock up kids who have not committed crimes?

5. While we try to teach our children all about life... Our children teach us what life is about!

6. I wish that I could be like the cool kids, because all the cool kids, they seem to get it.

7. We're all just kids posting are professionals, counting the days until Friday.

8. Time spent playing with children is never wasted.

9. Don't wait for the perfect moment take the moment and make it perfect.

10. There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.

11. A child's laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

12. I may not be perfect but when. I look at my children. I know that I got something in my life perfectly right...

13. You were made to be awesome.

14. Silence is Golden... unless you have kids, then silence is just suspicious.

15. Every child is an artist.

16. Mommy, I'm not joking, I'm not kidding, and I'm not playing. I need chocolate.

17. Children need your presence more than your presents.

18. Do the right thing... Even when no one is looking.

19. A mother thinks about her children day and night, even if they are not with her and will love them in a way they will never understand.

20. I have three kids, one of each.

21. Don't raise your kids to have more than you had, raise them to be more than you were.

22. Dear math, grow up and solve your own problems.

23. It's fun being a kid.

24. No matter what happens, my kids come first. It's that simple.

25. Children make love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller & a home happier.

26. Happiness is... seeing your kids happy.

27. Please excuse our mess, the kids are making memories.

28. Dear kids, make the world more awesome!

29. Do your kids a favor - don't have any.

30. Every minute you invest in kids you get back four times over.


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