Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kik Online Login

Kik Online Login & Sign Up on Web – Kik Messenger Online

If you really want to know how to easily do Kik Online Login or Web Kik Messenger Online Sign Up then please read this amazing post. Last week, I thought of using my Kik Messenger account online. I begin researching and went through a lot of gates over the internet.

But, ultimately, I didn’t found any way which was working genuinely in order to let me use Kik Messenger online. So, this is the truth!
There is no official method of using Kik Messenger online. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it on your computer. It is no longer a smartphone specific application due to a method of which I am aware of.
And, I am sharing the same over here. I will also help you to go through Kik login & sign up on web method I will be adding in this guide. I have personally tested this method and its working perfectly. I was able to create a new account, log in and start using services offered by this application without paying anything.

Yes, that’s another best part of this guide i.e. there is no pricing involved at all. Even if you are trapped in a situation and being asked to pay then you will have a free alternative which will be safe and genuine too.

How to Use Kik Messenger Online?

Literally, there is only one of doing this. You need to take help from an Android emulator and use the Android app version on your computer or laptop online. And, to get over with that process, you need to go through following steps, i.e. the process.
  1. Download the BlueStacks app player software first. This is required to get things going on the first. It doesn’t charge for any of its service and also its a genuine program.
  2. Start installing the software program you have downloaded now. Yes, you need to do the same thing which you have been doing till now in order to install any other software. That is, double clicking the installer package file and going through on screen instructions until you reach the Finish button.
  3. After clicking the Finish button, you will end up with the installation and you have to start the software now. Begin using its search tool to find Kik Messenger app.
  4. Before the app can be found, BlueStacks will ask you to login with a Google account. You need to do that in order to confirm your identity (as you are trying to access Google’s ecosystem) and also to setup sync feature.
  5. After login, click on the app you see in search results. Click again and finally click on Install option ahead of the app’s listing.
The process is over and I hope you didn’t find any issues.

Kik Online Login & Sign up (Web)

Now its time to learn how to login & sign up. The process is very simple and there is very less knowledge required.
  1. After the app is successfully installed using the above process, you need to start it within BlueStacks.
  2. From the very first screen, you will be asked to input some details about your profile. Like, your desire user name, password combination, name, etc.
  3. Proceeding ahead will ask you to upload your profile picture and add few friends to start with. In order to add, you need to know their unique profile ID.
Done! A new profile is created and you are also logged in with your new account. Good luck!
So folks, I think you really enjoyed this post to get Kik Online Login or Kik Messenger Web Sign Up which is simply Kik Messenger for PC and please visit this Android blog again in future 


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