Friday, 16 September 2016

Greatest Positive Psychology Quotes

                Greatest Positive Psychology Quotes

We tried to include everyone that is Who’s Who of Positive Psychology. We also included quotes by some giants who are not positive psychologists, but without those of their words, the world would have been poorer. As we searched through the publicly available resources, the journey became increasingly fascinating and we rushed to include Carl RogersAbraham MaslowSigmund Freud, and Carl G. Jung.
We also went a little adventurous and included some great quotes from people who were or are inspirational masters of their trade, but incidentally not from the world of psychology, as Nick VujicicDalai Lama, Paul Romer, and even Kurt Cobain.
We briefly point here that it was in 1998 that positive psychology was formally introduced to the world by Martin Seligmanalong with Christopher PetersonMihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Ed Diener. By the way, it was Maslow who coined the phrase ‘positive psychology’ in 1954.
This post turned out to be a viral post containing the greatest collection of Positive Psychology quotes ever! We feel humbled and grateful.

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