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Status for Whatsapp

                      Status for Whatsapp

Here we present to share each and every kind of Whatsapp status in our website for our readers. We all know that each and every person within a week or in a day change Whatsapp status therefore, its little bit hard for them to form a new Whatsapp status daily because of this reason we are sharing these statuses with all peoples.

Funny Whatsapp Status

1. Life is BEAUTIFUL* ——–*Conditions Apply.

2. The earth weight is 7 septillion tons. Don’t make it heavier by having a heavy heart.

3. Never argue with idiots. They drag U down 2 their Lvl, then beat U with their experience.

4. If a cat crosses U, it means that Cat is also going somewhere.

5. God made some perfect heads. On D rest, he put hair 2 hide his mistakes.

6. What faster than a coin rolling down a steep slope? A miser running to catch it.

7. The wrong number is never engaged. Similarly unwanted and useless things R always available.

8. Pride is an overestimation of self by reason of self-love.

9. A pat on the back is only a few inches from a kick in D butt.

10. Here’s D world’s smallest truth about truth: Truth hurts…so people lie.

11. Never wrestle a Pig. U both get dirty, & the pig likes it.

12. Patience is not much about waiting; it is more about how 1 behaves while waiting.

13. All D problems in D World R created by those who want perfection.

14. Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. Stick to Ur vision.

15. Rudeness is the weak man’s limitations of strength.

16. Although D tongue weighs very little, very few people R able to hold it.

17. 10 two letter sentence can change Ur life if understood correctly: IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.

18. If U desires to blossom like a rose in D garden, 1st you have to learn D art of adjusting with D thorns.

19. Courage is needed to stand up & speak. Courage is also important when U sit down & listen.

20. Everyone have to challenge the changes, not change the challenges.

21. Worrying doesn’t decrease yesterday’s regret, but it wash out today’s strength.

22. Trees get uprooted, but D simple grass survives Bcoz its down to earth, Noble & humble.

23. It takes life to love life.

24. A +ve attitude is a person’s passport 2 a better 2morrow.

25. Every day may not B superb, but there’s always something good in every day.

26. 4 those who understand, no explanation is needed. 4 those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

Funny status for Whatsapp

27. U will not B punished 4 Ur anger, but U will B Punished by Ur anger.

28. Plan Ur future in advance Bcoz that is where U will spend D rest of Ur life.

29. If nobody is der 2 hurt U, U will never know D person who cares 4 U.

30. Who is most time-consuming in making a promise, is D most truthful in fulfilling it.

31. If U are not profitable U cannot afford the future and if U are not innovative U have no future.

32. Life is not a rehearsal of a play. Each day is new. So give your best shot, as D show must go on.

33. For every bird, god provides food but not in their nest.

34. It takes time to save the time.

35. Earlier we used to cast our vote in elections. These days we vote for a caste.

36. We will be successful when delivering the best is the only option & not one of the options.

37. Please do not seem to understand that their view of D world is also a confession of character.

38. The price of one year’s of fast living is ten years of regret.

39. We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves.

40. The heaviest things you carry are grudges.

41. Never expect gratitude. In case U gets it, be pleasurably shocked.

42. Challenges R what make life exciting; overcome them is what makes life meaningful.

43. A rich person is not the one who has the most, but who needs the least.

44. We get rich not by treasures in our banks, but by D treasures, we bank in the hearts of others.

45. Do ordinary stuff in an extraordinary manner.

46. Forgiveness is the sweet scent that a flower gives when it is being crushed.

47. There is always another change in life for everything, but there is no chance of another life.

48. Always look back with satisfaction and look ahead with confidence.

49. If U want a share of the fame, U have got 2 B willing 2 take a share of the blame.

50. If you are not riding the wave of change, you will find yourself beneath it.

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51. Everybody seems to be special at first sight, but only very few remain special till the last sight of life.

52. U cannot discover oceans if U don’t have the guts 2 lose the sight of the shores.

53. Often, our costliest expenditure is – Time.

54. There is not good or bad in this world, but our thinking makes it so.

55. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes & having fun.

56. A discussion is swapping of knowledge & an argument is an exchange of anger.

57. 90% problems of life are due to the tone of voice and not what you say.

58. Truth is like a woman’s breast. It seems perfect till the time it is half covered.

59. Face every trouble with enthusiasm as if Ur survival depended on it.

60. Most people with to serve god – but in an advisory capacity only.

61. There is no other way to get out of the shit storm except through it.

62. The meaning of good or bad, of better worse, is simply helping or hurting.

63. My mind works like a parachute. It works only when it is in an open mode.

64. Accept and cope, rather condemn and Mope.

65. Never give the help of tears to your feelings; never give the help of your tongue to your rage.

66. Tongue takes 3 years to learn how 2 use it. But a lifetime 2 learn where & when to your it.

67. Keep your eyesight 2 the light & you cannot see the shadows.

68. When U want something sturdily, the universe conspires to ensure U get it.

69. Look back with happiness, & look ahead with confidence.

70. Keep all your troubles in your pockets, but be sure that your pocket has a hole in it.

71. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

72. Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.

73. Peoples are not against you; they are merely for themselves.

74. Everything is Funny as long as it happens to someone else.

75. The easiest way to obtain self-confidence is to do exactly what you are fearful to do.

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76. A word of advice: Don’t give it.

77. People will believe anything if you whisper it.

78. Never give the help of tongue to your anger.

79. Kind words can B short and easy 2 speak, but their echoes R truly endless.

80. I am interested in a return of money than the return on money.

81. No god, No peace. Know god, Know peace.

82. A little dot can stop a large sentence, but few more dots can give continuity…

83. A day is a span of time no one is wealthy enough to waste.

84. Everybody says that mistake is the 1st step of success, but correction of the mistake is 1st step of success.

85. Regret for wasted time is more wastage of time.

86. Don’t complain about anything. Change Urself if U want peace.

87. Ur destiny is not what U get but what U make out of what U get.

88. The best angle from which 2 approach any problem is from TRY-ANGLE.

89. There R 3 side to every argument. Your side, my side, and the right side.

90. Winning a war either on a battlefield or a heated argument can never decide who is right. It will only decide who is left.

91. When U R feeling stressed, only remember: STRESSED equals to DESSERTS, spelled backward. It’s a piece of cake.

92. If someone points out Ur mistake, B happy that at least somebody is paying attention in what you have done.

93. The size of man can be measured by the size of the thing that makes him angry.

94. Punctuality is not about valuing time but valuing commitment.

95. Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards the people we personally dislike.

96. We train even a dog to behave in a proper manner. But what about out mind?

97. As soon as U mention something, if it is good, it is taken. If it is bad, it happens.

98. U can never determine which side of the bread to butter, but if it fall down, it will always land on the butter side.

99. He, who has the gold, makes the rules.

100. D way 2 get things done is not 2 mind who gets.
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101. Autograph your work with excellence.

102. So simple to live, love, smile win, but it is difficult to be so simple.

103. If you cannot find brighter side of life, polish the darker side.

104. D price of discipline is always less than D pain of regret.

105. Blieve half of what U see & none of what U hear.

106. Clothes don’t make a person, but they speak for you.

107. When the well is dry, the value of water is realized.

108. Life means missing expected things & facing unexpected things.

109. Being the best is a matter of living by choice.

110. Life gives us situations, not solutions. Solutions R always created by our wisdom.

111. They talk most who have least to say.

112. Tough times never be last but tough people do.

113. The greatness is not what we do, but is always in how we do.

114. U can win life by all means, if U simply avoid 2 things….Comparing and expecting.

115. God is bad at packaging. He delivers the best to us in the form of most ordinary forms.

116. The greatest failure of life is not participating hundred percent.

117. Its affection that matters, not perfection.
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118. Keep Ur fears to Ur self, but share Ur inspiration with others.

119. Everybody wants 2 go 2 heaven, but nobody wants 2 die.

120. To feel sorry for the needy is not the true mark of a human being – “to help them is”.

121. An excuse is worse than a lie, Bcoz it is a guarded lie.

122. When your signature Bcomes an autograph that is real success.

123. Talent will get u the top but it takes character to keep U there.

124. Children R great comfort in your old age – N they help U reach it faster, Too!

125. There is no market of your sorrows. So never advertise your feelings.

126. All philosophy is in 2 words – Sustain & Abstain.

127. It is better to shift one’s plan late in life than to run around in circles with the wrong plan.

128. While V cannot choose how we will die, V can always choose how V will live.

129. Crossing the worst situations is the only way to touch D best corners of life.

130. Laughter is D sun that drives winter of sadness from D human face.

131. People appear brighter before U hear them speak.

132. Kindness can become its own motive. We R made kind by making kind.
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133. Never forget that U R absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

134. Think big, fast and ahead. Ideas R no 1’s monopoly

135. The quickest way 2 acquire self-confidence is 2 do exactly what U R afraid to do.

136. The cost is forgotten but D quality & treatment is remembered forever.

137. Peoples are not useless. They are used less.

138. The future is not something we await; it is something we should create.

139. Hope is D ability 2 hear D music of D future. Faith is having D courage to dance 2 it today.

140. Work smarter, not just harder.

141. Prosperity does best discover vice, but adversity discovers virtues.

142. We cannot direct D wind. But we can adjust our sails.

143. Lord Buddha left his palace in search of peace, and we all are in search of a palace at the cost of peace.

144. Happiness doesn’t heal, but happiness protects against falling ill.

145. Erasers R for peoples who R willing 2 correct their mistakes.

146. Some people dream success, while others wake up and work hard at it.
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147. Don’t wait for a wake-up call from life. Discover urself and live up to your potential.

148. There is 1 difference between Dream and Aim. Dream requires sleep to see and Aim requires effort to see.

149. If you aren’t ready today, you’ll be even less so tomorrow.

150. Measure wealth not by the things U have, but by things U have 4 which U would not take money.

151. Life never turns the way we want. But we live it d best way we can.

152. People do not seem 2 realize that their opinion of D world is also a confession of character.

153. If a man is gracious and courteous to strangers, he is a citizen of the world.

154. Unless U speaks from heart U R unable to touch no one’s heart.

155. The supreme result of education is – Tolerance.

156. Smile will B complete when it begins with Ur heart, reflects in Ur eyes & ends with a glow on Ur face.

157. 1 doesn’t learn from success. Mistakes R what shape us. We treasure mistakes.

158. The sure shot formula for failure is, try 2 please everybody.

159. It is better to protect Ur feet with shoes rather to carpet D earth.

160. There’s a line in me between genius & insanity. I’ve erased this line.

161. To B kind is more essential than 2 B Right.

162. All D right things R not possible, all D possible things R not right.

163. LIFE means missing expected things & facing unexpected things.

164. Learn 2 like D task, and impossible becomes possible.

165. D more U look 4 defects in other, D more U will B-comes affected.

Hello Everybody, Nowadays, Whatsapp is an ultimate way to share your feeling through status with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. I think each and every person who is using a multimedia device like android, IOS, Windows mobile phones or every internet user is busy in Whatsapp and in updating their Whatsapp status.

I know guys, each and every user of Whatsapp is eager to change their status, sorry not only they want to change they also make sure that to keep it at its best. Because of Whatsapp, Whatsapp statuses is increasing with an immense popularity amongst youngsters just because each and every person who is in your Whatsapp chatting contact list is visiting your Whatsapp profile and checking your status and display picture or profile picture frequently, and through your Whatsapp status you can share or express your feeling or mood or your plans without talking to them. Through Whatsapp status you can tell people or to your friend, family, or office colleagues about your mood more accurately, just because in Whatsapp status anyone can set their status to as a famous sayings or inspirational lines or funny lines only just to describe how you are feeling now more perfectly in your way. Finding such lines, sayings, for your WhatsApp status can be a difficult task,

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