Monday, 21 December 2015

Love Whatsapp Status

1. Don’t Make Love until Love makes You

2. Love is just a word; that needs someone Special to make it meaningful

3. The Perfect Crime is stealing someone’s Heart

4. True Love Always Finds a Way!

5. Love is form of Amnesia Where we Forget there are 7 billion 
other people in World

6. Girls are Like Butterfly, Beautiful to the eye and hard to catch

7. Never Look for Love, Let it Find You

8. Love Because You are Young, Wild, and Free

9. I will Give my Everything just to be Her/ His Anything

10. Don’t Look for a Prince needs to be saved, Look for a Queen who can fight by your side

11. Fall in Love to rise!

12. Love with Your “Butt” because it’s always bigger than your Heart

13. “I Love You,” needs a Second to Say and a Lifetime to Prove!

14. Always Love People Who You can Be Weird With

15. Love is Trying Harder Instead of Walking Away

16. Wait for Someone Who will do Anything to Become your Everything

17. No One is Worth Your Teenage Years

18. When you Really Love Someone, Everything Else is just Facts and Numbers

19. If Girls Know How to Fake Smile, Then Boys Know How to Fake Feelings

20. Dear Someone, I am Really Sorry to Fall in Love With You

21. Find Someone to Change Your Life, Not Relationship Status!

22. Love is Every Moment Spent like a Dream

23. Become the Flower that gives its Fragrance to even the Hand that Crushes it

24. Love is Appreciation, Not Possession

25. Save Your Heart for the One Who will Truly Care about It!

26. Don’t Spell Love, Feel It!

27. A Girl Shows her Love in Her Smile and a Boy in his Eyes

28. Love is Hard to Get out of because We Fall in it, not walk into it!

29. True Love is Like a Ghost, Everyone talks about it, but few have really seen it

30. Go Together Like Copy and Paste

31. Never Express Your Feeling, Make them Appreciate, or they are not worth it!

32. Explaining You Love is Like Explaining what Water Tastes like

33. No Girl Should Cry for Real Love

34. Wish We can Delete Feelings the Same Way We Do Text Messages

35. Sometimes, Asking Someone Who They Love is Asking Them Your Name

36. Everyone Who is Taken is not in love and Everyone who is Single is Not Alone

37. You May be a Person to the World but to Someone, You Mean the World!

38. Love is More than Looking Out for Each Other;it’s Looking in The Same Direction

39. True Lover Never makes his Girl Jealous. Instead, He Makes other Girls Jealous

40. Love Always come with a Fair Tale

41. Love is Heart seeing what the Eye cant!

42. That Awkward Moment When you Fall for Someone You Never Thought You Would!

43. Love does not haveHistory;it’s about the Chemistry

44. Whoever Said First Love Never Dies, Never had the Pleasure of the True One!

45. First Love is Sweetest because the First Cut is the Deepest

46. Love is Friendship on Fire

47. Love Yourself to Know What You Deserve

48. True Love is never Meeting on the First Page of the Book

49. YOLO? Don’t think so, You Live Everyday, You Die Only Once!

50. Dear Someone, I can’t Blame Gravity for Falling in Love with You

51. When You Love, You Miss Life

52. Find Someone who is your Every Reason, Hope, and Dream

53. Love is the Beginning and End of Everything

54. The Perfect Love Story, I Can’t Live My Life without You!

55. Love is the Journey that Starts at Forever and Ends at Never

56. God Keeps you Alive, But You Need Someone to Keep You In Love

57. The Heart is perfect place to fill it with the one you really love

58. Love don’t make the Word Go Round. Instead, it makes it 
worth the while

59. Stick with Love because Hate is Too Great to Bear

60. Love is the Honey for the Flower of Life

61. Love is When Someone Gives you the Piece of your Soul you 
never knew you had

62. We are Born Out of Love, Not Hate

63. Love needs no age, limit or even death

64. Love is the Greatest Expression of Our Will to Live

65. Love is the Desire to be Desired

66. The Game of Love is the only one in which every player can win!
67. True Love is the Magician who pulls Man out of his own hat

68. Love is a Flower which needs to Grow

69. Love Yourself Before Loving Someone Else

70. The Sin of Love Never Exists

71. True Love always has a Surprising Tide

72. Listening Carefully is the First Duty of Love

73. Knowledge Starts with a Loving Heart

74. Love is the smoke made of Fume of Sighs

75. The Only Thing that Makes Your Soul Crawl Out of Hiding 
Place is Love

76. Love is the Best Teacher There is

77. The Only Way to Feel the Sun from Both Sides is to Love and 
be Loved

78. There is no Refreshment Better than Love

79. Don’t Command Your Love, Command Your Actions

80. Choose Your Love, But Love Your Choice Dearly

81. Love is the measure of a Soul’s Beauty

82. Everything Becomes Better When You Fall in Love

83. The Only Thing that Sharpens Love is Absence while Presence 
Strengthens it

84. Love is not an Emotion; it’s a Sense!

85. Always Love with the Love that is more than Love itself

86. Love is an Education

87. Love is the Hole in Your Heart that Fills on its Own

88. Love is the only Transcendent Experience

89. Trust is the Best Proof of Love

90. You won’t find a remedy for Love instead of Loving More

91. True Love Dies when the Growth Stops

92. Love has no Types or Kinds; those are just limitations

93. Love is the best Cure, for the giver and the receiver

94. You Know You are in Love When your Heart Yearns for 
Something You Can’t Name

95. Love needs the Arbitration of Time

96. The Most Difficult Part of Falling in Love is Realizing You Are

97. The Power of Love has no Limits

98. Being a Lover, You need to Love Forever

99. Love is the Trick Played for Continuation of our Species

100. The Hunger of Love is Harder to Satisfy than the Hunger of Bread

101. Love is Often the Only True Adventure

102. Life Without Love is a Tree without Blossoms

103. Love is the Passion that Numbs our Heart and Senses

104. First Love is Curiosity Filled with Foolishness

105. The Triumph of Imagination over Intelligence is called Love

106. Love can be Magic, and Magic can be just Illusion

107. Lovers can be Lost, but Love is Always Found

108. The Difference between Passion and Love is Passion is 
momentary which Love is Enduring

109. Love is the Measure of Space and Time with Heart

110. Earth is nothing but a Tomb without Love

111. If Faith Makes Everything Possible, then Love makes them 

112. Love is the Essence of Romance

113. The Emotion Experienced by Everyone and Enjoyed by Only 
a Few is Love

114. You have to Loveable tobe loved!

115. Letter Mingles the Soul better than a Kiss

116. Love is Not Dancing in the Rain, its Standing under the Same Umbrella Throughout the Storm

117. Love doesn’t Need Appreciation and Apologies, both of them are the Savior of Love

118. While Bitterness Imprisons Life, Love Releases It

119. Love is Nothing Else but Being Stupid Together

120. Absence is the Best Cure for Love

121. You Know you are in love when Words Become Your Food, Breath Becomes your Wine and Someone Means Everything to you

122. A Girl Only needs Love, Compliments, Air and Food to Live

123. The First and Last Love is Self-Love

124. War and Love are the Same, Easy to Start and Hand to End

125. True Love Demands the Air of Intensity

126. Where there is no Madness, There is no Love

127. Love Makes Everything Possible

128. To Love, is to Give, not Receive

129. Love is Suffering because there is always one side that loves more

130. To be loved, it’s better to show your Faults than your Virtues

131. The Pain of Love is Sweeter than Any Other Pleasure

132. There is enough room even in the Smallest Cottage for A Loving Couple

133. To Truly Love, one shall never ask for more than he is prepared to Give

134. Nothing Conquers all but True Love

135. What is Better Than to be catastrophically in love with someone

136. Lovers don’t care how hard it is tobetogether; nothing is worse for them than being apart

137. Love is letting someone slipping under your skin, invading your blood and seize your heart

138. Death Never Stops True Love; it Only Delays it for Sometimes

139. Love is the Power to do Things You Never Thought you Can

140. True Love can either Blind You or Open your Eyes; The Choice is Yours

141. It not about being the First one, Its about remaining the last one

142. Don’t be just a Lover, become the Hero of Someone’s Heart

143. Without Love, we are just Hopeless Romantic with Dirty Mind

144. Don’t only Love Truly, Love a “Lottle” it’s a little but a lot

145. It’s not the lack of love; it’s the lack of friendship that makes an unhappy marriage

146. Love is the Fire you can never tell which warms your heart or burns down your home

147. The Course of True Love is never Smooth

148. If you dare to love, then you must have the courage to suffer

149. True Love is the wonder without any beginning and end

150. My Love is indescribable but Self Explanatory

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